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TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2016 Hackathon

  • Juni 1, 2016

During my vacation in New York I had the chance to remove one point of my ToDo-list “Take part in a Hackathon”. I actually wanted to visit the conference TechCrunch Distrupt Conference 2016 as it happened to be right in the same time in May as my stay in NY. But just one look at the prices was enough to screw that idea. There was still one chance to enjoy the TechCrunch experience: The Hackathon.


There were a couple sponsor companies which offered to use their APIs or services. One night is not enough of time, especially in a team of three (one marketing/graphic, one computer science student, one programmer [that’s me]), to build a big product. We focused on a simple function and a map based service. Simple location tracking and displaying the movement, maybe for rescue worker, maybe for a rescue officer seeing the paths of his workers.


The project was build using a Lumen back end and a browser based frontend client. The map from Esri was drawn using a JavaScript SDK. You can read more about the idea and what came out in my project section under Scent.

In the end I have to say it was fun, an interesting experience and meeting nice people. But somehow it’s sad that many good ideas are just created for the night and will not be pursued any further. We’ll see when my next Hackathon will be.