This was the AWS Summit 2018 in Berlin

  • Juni 11, 2018

The AWS Summit in Berlin has taken place. A big conference hosted by Amazon Webservices targeting their audience, users and wanna be’s like me. Like the previous years it was located at „Station Berlin“ near Gleisdreieck.

I have to be honest. I love AWS services, but rarely use them as much as I would like to. They offer over hundreds of individual highly scaleable services for any kind of IT problem. Of course my focus is at anything related to web applications, scaling them to the infinite and deployments with zero downtime.

The rise of serverless

This years main topic was serverless. Build anything in your workflow without managing a single server instance and pay only for every microsecond of execution time you need. It sounds like a good idea when you talk about it, but still requires a lot of changes in how we design and develop software.

It started with going into the direction of mircoservices, leaving this big monolithic application behind. Now we can scale small parts of a web application separate from the rest. But also we have to maintain a well documented communication and release dependencies between all components. And it will become more complex with serverless. Am I’m going to build one monolithic application and just deploy hundreds of functions and services at the same time or really see them as individual and reusable parts with custom deployments.

I’ll keep an eye on it, since I don’t like to install, update or maintain servers anyway.

Looking forward to some try’n’errors setting up my first serverless application on AWS. See you next year at AWS Summit 2018.